Why Is Koa So Expensive?

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With over 500 locations across North America, known for their friendliness and diverse campsites, KOA has all the options. 

Whether you are a seasoned camper in your very own RV or thinking about your first camping trip as a family in a tent, KOA campsites are organized and built to stand in a league of their own.


What is Koa?

KOA, which stands for ‘Kampgrounds of America,’ is the World’s largest known network of privately owned and maintained campgrounds. 

Holding themselves to their own high standards, KOA campsites undergo a 900-point assessment each year. As a result, they offer many different amenities you aren’t necessarily likely to find at any other campsite. 

With each KOA campsite being unique to itself, cabins, swimming pools, and Wi-Fi across the site are just a few of the amenities you can benefit from compared to other places.


Who Is Using Koa?

These days, a variety of people from all walks of life are using KOA. Families choose KOA campsites because they often have child-friendly activities planned throughout the day and sometimes even into the evening. 

You might even stumble across a games room, putt, putt golf, or crafts for kids. Those with more expensive tastes are also favoring KOA sites due to the more luxurious options available at KOA Resort sites. 

In addition, these grounds have amenities like no other, such as restaurants, gyms, and coffee shops, all things you would never expect to find when you go camping. 

KOA is also a great choice if it is your first time camping and you’re not sure what to expect or worry about a lack of amenities. You won’t have those issues at a KOA site. If you’re trying to change someone’s mind about camping – KOA is the place to bring them.


When Did It Become So Expensive?

Some of these amenities are why it has become so expensive. However, KOA stands out from the crowd. The more you research them and see their signs, the more you’ll find three types of KOA sites. 


  • KOA Journey: the classic site, with the usual expected amenities for tents, RV, and cabins.
  • KOA Holiday: a foothold in major cities and upgraded amenities to KOA Journey.
  • KOA Resort: luxury onsite amenities like restaurants, gyms, and tennis courts for a more resort-style experience.


As you can imagine, the more upgraded KOA version you choose, the higher the price. 


Is Koa In High Demand?

Perhaps because they have been around for many years now and become well known amongst the growing camping community, they are in high demand. 

If you are interested in staying at one of their many campsites, you will find that you need to book well in advance to secure your spot. KOA sites make camping seem and feel like such a breeze that people are flocking to their sites. 


What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

One of the most attractive aspects of using KOA is their definition of ‘basic’ camping. 

When you think of the original ‘basic’ means of camping, your mind should be picturing an open field area, maybe a vault toilet, trash cans, mowed and maintained grass areas, and not much more than that. 

KOA has brought their own term of ‘basic’ to mean you can expect amenities like picnic tables, laundry facilities, hot showers, and even fire pits. What more could you possibly want?

They offer easy-in and easy-out pull-through campsites. On top of that, if there is a group of you and some of the group aren’t happy campers, you can consider hiring things like deluxe cabins. 

These cabins feature air conditioning, gas grills, private bathrooms, and kitchens. 

There is something for everyone at KOA.


Final Thoughts on Why Is Koa So Expensive

KOA seems to care about campers’ experiences when staying at one of their 500+ locations. 

They count on people leaving constructive feedback, looking for ways to adapt and improve, as well as maintain their already high-set standards. 

Whether you’re on a solo trip, camping with friends or family, or as part of a small or large group, if you have the extra cash, KOA campsites are worth the money. 

Their friendly staff, unbelievable amenities, and beautifully kept grounds are just some of what keep KOA customers coming back time and time again. However, the only way to truly understand why KOA can be expensive is to take a trip and experience it for yourself. 


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