How high are the Cliffs at Grasshopper Point?

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Grasshopper Point is a popular area in Sedona, Ariz. The spot is known for outdoor recreational activities such as swimming, hiking, picnics, and even camping. When visiting, you’ll surely become mesmerized by its red cliffs that some will dive from up to 35 feet tall.

Let’s discuss more about how long of a hike this location is and if it’s good for camping. Since every camping spot is different, what would you need to bring? As well as when the best time is to set out for this beautiful camping location.


How long of a hike is Grasshopper Point?

Some hikes are longer or shorter than others, and you have to know how long you’ll be out hiking at Grasshopper Point if you are planning a visit. It’s said that the hike, in general, is rated to be easy and is noted to last half an hour for a round trip.

It also may be important to note that you will experience an elevation change of about 100 feet during the hike. Let’s discuss the camping experience of things regarding this location. Including location, the best time to go, fees, and more!


Is it a Good Camping Location?

This area is great for camping and has great spots surrounding the area that is perfect for your next camping trip. While you cannot camp directly next to Grasshopper Point due to its operational hours of 9 am to 6 pm, plenty of other good spots are listed below.

However, it’s also important to note that fees are required when entering Grasshopper point. Including a $9 per vehicle per day as well as a $2 walk-in/bicycle fee per day. There are discounts for those who have living disabilities, according to the Forest Service.


Where is a Good Spot for Camping at Grasshopper Point?

Cave Springs Campground 11345 N State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ

Willard Springs Camping I17 North, Exit 326 Willard Springs Rd, Sedona AZ

Munds Park Resort 17550 S. Munds Ranch Rd, Munds Park, Sedona AZ

Manzanita Campground 5900 N State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ

Pine Flats Campground N State Route 89A, Sedona AZ


What do you Need to bring for Camping at This Location?

There are so many lists online of what you need to pack for a simple camping trip in Arizona, and they can get overwhelmingly long. Listed below are a few necessities you must bring when camping. Feel free to add things for yourself as you pack!


  • Warm Blankets & Clothes
  • Food & Clean Water
  • First Aid Kits
  • Tent
  • Trash Bags


When is the Best Time to Camp at this Location?

According to the Forest Service, the best time to visit and camp in this location is the seasons from Spring to Autumn. However, it’s also important to note that the busiest times of the week are indeed the weekends and the Summer season.

Grasshopper point often has heavy usage and foot traffic. Show up early if you are planning on finding a good camping spot or snagging one of their eight picnicking sites with tables and cooking grills. Note that no dogs are allowed.


Final Thoughts on Camping & Hiking at Grasshopper Point

Grasshopper point can be a fun area to visit when choosing to camp at one of several locations that surround it. You’re able to jump from the cliffs that stand around 35 feet tall from the ground, and the hike to this beautiful location is short, sweet, and relatively easy.

Ensure you pack the necessities for this camping trip. These include first aid kits, warm clothes, blankets, food, and clean water. The best time to go is from Spring to Autumn, and it’s important to note that the area can get very packed due to its popularity.

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