Glamping Near Luray Caverns – Where are the Best Places To Stay?

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Glamping Near Luray Caverns - Where are the Best Places To Stay?

It’s nice to know where you can go glamping in the next area you arrive in because glamping is different from our traditional camping. So what is glamping anyways?


According to Oxford Languages, glamping is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.


Ideally, there are two different ways to glamp! The first involves you bringing all your own accommodations and supplies for the trip.


If you have your own camper, supplies, and all of the extra things that turn regular camping into glamping, then all you are probably looking for is a good place to set up.


However, if you do not have everything you need, there are plenty of listings out there that allow you to rent out the space that includes basically everything you need for glamping. All you have to do is book your trip, pay, and show up to enjoy it! Seems easy, right?


Luray Caverns, or Luray Cave, is located in Virginia and is known to be one of the largest caverns in the eastern United States, according to the informational website that has been created for the location.


The Luray Cavern was discovered in August 1878 by a group of men local to the area. However, the cave was already well known to the indigenous peoples who were native to the area.


Today the cave serves as a beautiful tourist attraction, to which many have to pay upon admission. While you cannot camp in the caves, surely there are some great locations near the caverns for your next glamping trip.


What are the best locations for glamping near Luray Caverns?

There are so many different rentals and RV sites around the Luray Caverns, but which ones are the prime choices?


Listed below are some unique cabin rentals near the Luray Caverns that will surely not disappoint. They offer privacy in a seemingly secluded area and are worth checking out when planning your next glamping trip to that area.


If you already have everything you need all packed up in your RV, listed below are a few campsites to check out when deciding where to stay for the next few days while you explore the caverns.


Top 3 Glamping Rental (source: Airbnb, prices are subject to change over time)


  1. Foggy River Lodge on the Shenandoah – Luray, Virginia
  2. Hickory Hill Hideaway – Luray, Virginia
  3. Shadow Ridge Cabin – Luray, Virginia


Top 3 Glamping Sites


  1. Spacious Skies Campgrounds – Shenandoah, Virginia
  2. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort – Luray, Virginia
  3. Luray RV Resort – Shenandoah River


When should you go camping near Luray Caverns?

The best time to visit the Luray Caverns and go glamping in the area is in the autumn. Many say that the foliage in the area is the most beautiful sight to see in the fall, and along with the magnificent caverns to tour, you and your glamping party will surely not be disappointed.


Glamping in the fall also provides you with that traditional camping feel that everyone pictures when planning the next trip.


Why should you choose an area near Luray Caverns for glamping?

If you are planning to tour the Luray Caverns, it’s more convenient to set up a glamp near the caverns. It offers less travel time to get to the location, which will be important if you decide to visit in the fall, which might be the busiest time of the year for tourism.


Everyone wants to experience what the Luray Caverns have to offer, but it’s hard for everyone to do that when you’re late to the game.


Are there areas near Luray Caverns you need to avoid while glamping?

If you want the full glamping experience, you will most likely want to stay in a secluded area, which can be difficult if you decide to go to the caverns during the busiest time of the year. However, if possible, avoid any heavily populated areas that might be in the vicinity.


Let’s discuss the importance of reviews. When looking around for places to stay in the area, it’s important to look into their reviews online. Taking any reviews, good or bad, into consideration could save you from having a bad experience.


Also, reviewing any areas you’ve stayed in online will help your fellow travelers have better experiences as well.


How many days should you stay near Luray Caverns for glamping?

While this decision should be up to you, we recommend staying long enough to explore the caverns and also having a full day before and after the expedition to configure any other areas worth checking out before you leave.


This allows you more time hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.


Final thoughts on glamping near Luray Caverns

There are plenty of great choices when deciding where to stay during your Luray Caverns experience. Suppose you are traveling in an Rv or looking for a rental.


In that case, areas like Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort or Foggy River Lodge are both acceptable options within Luray, Virginia.


The prime time to glamp in the area and visit the cavern attraction is in the fall, offering not only beautiful areas to sightsee but also offering the beauty of the autumn foliage.


Choosing areas near the Luray Caverns is ideal for those who came for the guided tours, allowing less travel time during the busy tourist season. However, it’s important to avoid heavily populated areas in order to get that traditional secluded camping feel.


It’s also very important to check the reviews of any specific spots you have in mind. They could save you from having a bad experience during your trip and offer you insight into the best RV sites or even rental spots in town.


Suppose you are planning on having a longer stay to explore other sites and activities in the area aside from the Luray Caverns. In that case, it’s worth making conversation with any locals who don’t mind sharing things about the area that many tourists don’t know.


You might just find something that the internet can’t tell you about. Happy Glamping!

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