Glamping in Upstate New York – Is It Pet Friendly or Not?

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A narrow path in a forest - Glamping in Upstate New York - Is It Pet Friendly or Not?

Everyone has a furry friend that they want to bring everywhere with them, which can sometimes be hard if they aren’t service dogs.


But, the truth is, any pet is considered to be a good source for any human’s social needs, which is great for those who are more introverted than others.


So what are some pet-friendly places you can go glamping in New York? How long should you stay? Are there extra fees that make it more expensive? Let’s go over everything you need to know when planning your next glamping trip with your furry friend!


What are the upstate NY pet-friendly glamping locations?

While there are surely so many locations that allow pets into their rentals, we’ve handpicked our top 3 choices for the best pet-friendly rentals in upstate New York. Check these out listed below!


  1. Gatherwild Ranch – Germantown, New York
  2. Eastwind Hotel & Bar – Windham, New York
  3. Private Yurt on a Horse Farm – Accord, New York


How long should you stay glamping in an upstate NY location that’s pet-friendly?

Every location has its guideline policies that may or may not offer how long you are allowed to stay.


The great outdoors and your companion will surely be great for your mental well-being, so while you should stay as long as you can or wish – it’s important to check in with the hosts of the glamping areas you might be renting in order to confirm how long you can stay.


What do pet-friendly glamping locations offer in upstate NY?

All glamping rentals have different things to offer other than the essentials. Some of these rentals offer coffee, warm showers, air conditioning, and heat. Some also offer cooking amenities like BBQ grills or firepits.


Make sure to not only check out the amenities that are offered but also what the location around you has to offer. Are there close hiking trails? How about some beautiful areas for sightseeing or bird watching? The possibilities are endless.


Is it expensive to go glamping in a pet-friendly upstate NY location?

When glamping in rentals, it’s normal for the hosts to charge an extra fee for your furry friend. On average, these are not too expensive per night – but they might add up on top of your regular per-night fees if you are staying for a multitude of days.


These fees can range anywhere around or between $20 and $150 per night, so it is important to check in with your host to inquire about those extra fees.


Are all upstate NY glamping locations pet-friendly?

Depending on the quality of the place or how much the hosts like your animals, there is a possibility that some rentals will not allow pets. Now before you get mad at them, let’s look at the perspective they might have.


Surely they don’t hate your pets, but there is a possibility that taking care of any ‘pet accidents’ might be too much for the hosts. Everyone is different, and there’s no reason to get upset if someone does not want you to bring your pet into their rental.


Final thoughts on glamping areas in upstate new york that are pet-friendly

There are so many different glamping rentals in upstate New York that you would love nothing more than to accept your furry companions with arms opened wide.


Stay as long as you’d like, or check in with the host to see exactly how long you can stay – the great outdoors with your companion is great for your mental health.


However, glamping with your pets could get expensive depending on the extra pet fees that the hosts slap on your bill.


Some fees range from $20 to $150 extra per night. In addition, not all glamping rentals are pet-friendly, which is why it’s so important to check in with the host of the property beforehand to ensure they have a spot for your pet or pets!


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