Glamping in Poconos, PA – Where are the Best Places To Stay?

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Aerial view of Pocono Mountains - Glamping - Where are the Best Places To Stay?

It’s nice to know where you can go glamping in the next area you arrive in because glamping is different from our traditional camping. So what is glamping anyways?


According to Oxford Languages, glamping is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.


Ideally, there are two different ways to glamp! The first involves you bringing all your own accommodations and supplies for the trip.


If you have your own camper, supplies, and all of the extra things that turn regular camping into glamping, then all you are probably looking for is a good place to set up.


However, if you do not have everything you need, there are plenty of listings out there that allow you to rent out the space that includes basically everything you need for glamping. All you have to do is book your trip, pay, and show up to enjoy it! Seems easy, right?


The Pocono Mountains are located in Pennsylvania and are ideal for those who really want to enjoy the great outdoors experience. The area offers hiking, fishing, birdwatching, and many other activities like canoeing, skiing, parasailing, and even zip-lining.


The endless possibilities for activities in this area are perfect for those who never want a dull moment.


What are the best sites for glamping in Poconos, PA?

The best sites for glamping in the Poconos Mountains are any of their cabin, cottage, or resort sites. They even have sites for said ‘glamping,’ but really, any of these areas are good options for a luxury experience in the great outdoors.


With the ability to book online, you can really see just how many great options there are.


Is Poconos, PA, an expensive location for glamping?

According to the Poconos Mountains website, there are five different ways to camp in the area, and all of them are great options. The area has tent sites, RV Campsites, Cottages & Cabins, Summer Camps, and even Glamping areas that have amazing accommodations.


Since we think of RVs, Cabins, Resorts, and Rentals when we think of glamping, let’s explore the price options of each (note that prices vary and are subject to change over time).


RV Campsites


  1. Mount Pocono Campground – $35 to $60+
  2. Pocono Vacation Park – up to $378
  3. Four Seasons Campgrounds – $59 to $825


Cottages & Cabins


  1. Hemlock Cottages & Campground – $147 to $1,125
  2. Loch Highlands – $950 to $1,400


Glamping Spots


  1. Campsites at Blue Mountain Resort – $239 to $478
  2. Pocono Glamping – $130
  3. The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort – $154 to $1,149


How many days is ideal for glamping in Poconos, PA?

Despite the season in which you decided to plan your trip to the Poconos, staying for at least a week is always ideal. There are so many different activities to experience, giving yourself an entire week and pre-planning each day to get the most out of the great outdoors.


Why should you choose Poconos, PA, for glamping?

There are so many reasons why Poconos is the ultimate choice for the glamping experience. Ultimately, the area is perfect for larger parties of people of all ages.


In addition, it accommodates those who need more accessible camping and is considered to be an affordable alternative for the glamping experience when you can find the right package deals.


The Poconos Mountains also offer plenty of different activities for those who enjoy the great outdoors.


Depending on the season, aside from camping, Poconos offers hiking, water sports, zip-lining, and winter sports. The resorts also have public pools for their guests to access.


Are there any areas you should avoid while glamping in Poconos, PA?

It’s important to check the reviews of the area you decided to stay in. Checking the reviews could save you from having a bad experience.


With that being said, there are certain areas within Poconos that do indeed have poor ratings, which is why it is important to check the ratings of every place you are considering staying.


If you prefer a more secluded private area, staying away from heavily populated areas is recommended. These include the resort centers or any of the sites next to their public pool areas.


Final thoughts on glamping in Poconos, PA

The Poconos have designated areas set up specifically for those who want to go glamping. They set up beautiful traditional tents around the area with luxury accommodations and breathtaking views.


Poconos is considered affordable but at times expensive if you choose a lengthy stay, extra accommodations (ex., Water, power hookups for RV), or even multiple rooms.


It’s highly recommended to stay at the Poconos for at least a week to get the full experience and to participate in all the activities it has to offer. Seven days will allow you to really take in the full experience of the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania.


Leaving us with why the Poconos is the best choice for a luxury glamping experience. Not only does it offer your resort/glamping experience, but activities like hiking, zip-lining, and so much more.


The area will not disappoint and leave you with memories you’ll take with you throughout a lifetime.

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