Glamping in a Glass Cabin In The Woods Of New York

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Path inside woods in Willowemoc Creek - Glamping in a Glass Cabin In The Woods Of New York

Glass cabins might seem like they lack privacy, but what if it’s located in a private area? These cabins are located all over the world and offer a unique experience of enjoying the great outdoors.


The floor-to-ceiling glass walls are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the view of nature throughout their entire stay, and it’s almost like sleeping outside but inside.


Surely New York has some sky-high homes with massive floor-to-ceiling windows, but those don’t compare to what the outskirts of the city have to offer – especially in the wintertime!


So let’s explore the areas around the wooded areas in New York where we can find a glass cabin, how much it might cost per night, and the best time to book your stay!


Where can you find a glass cabin in the woods of NY?

One popular glass house rental listing would be in Marlboro, New York. It’s a relatively small town located off the Hudson River, with a population of around 3,720 individuals. Not only is it an accessible area for the Fahnestock State Park, but it also is a town popular for its wine!


Benmarl Vineyards and Winery is located in Marlboro, New York, and is said to be the oldest vineyard in the United States of America; yes, they do tours!


A few more wineries & vineyards to explore would be Weed Orchards & Winery, Glorie Farm Winery, Stoutridge Vineyard, and the Kedem Winery.


How much does it cost to spend a night in a glass cabin in the woods in NY?

As of July 22′ the glass house costs around $347 per night. Let’s go over a few amenities this place has to offer to help you understand exactly what kind of experience you’ll be paying for.


The glass house has a private backyard that is not fully fenced to show off those beautiful valley and vineyard views. It has all kitchen and dining essentials, including some wine glasses to help you enjoy everything Marlboro and New York have to offer!


When should you book a glass cabin?

This glass cabin can truly be enjoyed any season in which you prefer! Do you love the snow? The glass house can offer you some beautiful views of the white blanket that covers the world around you.


Do you prefer the summer? This place is also perfect for a beautiful secluded experience in the summer sun!


How about autumn? The floor-to-ceiling windows in this rental are perfect for enjoying all that fall foliage. So when should you book this glass cabin, the answer? Right now!


What should you bring for a night in a glass cabin?

Although this rental has 50 different amenities for you and whom you choose to come with, surely there are a few different things you can bring for the night. Any personal hygiene products you prefer to use over what is already provided is a good option!


If you are someone who works on the go-through social media or a platform like so, this rental has a perfect dedicated workspace for you! Pack your devices and any other materials you need to work because this place also has Wi-Fi!


What should you do in a glass cabin?

If you are not planning on using this trip to relax and instead of a work retreat of the sorts, there are not only plenty of things you can do in the area but also within the space!


The glass house offers books and other reading materials perfect for all those bookworms. It also has a fire pit, BBQ grill, and an outdoor dining area if you want to enjoy the great outdoors.


Final thoughts on glass cabins in the woods of New York

The glass house in Marlboro, New York, is perfect for those who want a private place to escape. It’s also perfect for those winevores out there who want to explore America’s oldest vineyard!


As of July 22′, the glass house costs around $347 per night and can be booked in any season! Bring any personal items you might need and your work materials!


When you aren’t utilizing the dedicated workspace the rental has to offer, there’s a fire pit outside with a BBQ grill and an outdoor dining area.


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