Glamping Around Dallas, Texas – Where are the Best Places To Stay?

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Brown glamping tent during daytime - Glamping Around Dallas, Texas - Where are the Best Places To Stay

It’s nice to know where you can go glamping in the next area you arrive in because glamping is different from our traditional camping. So what is glamping anyways?


According to Oxford Languages, glamping is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.


Ideally, there are two different ways to glamp! The first involves you bringing all your own accommodations and supplies for the trip.


If you have your own camper, supplies, and all of the extra things that turn regular camping into glamping, then all you are probably looking for is a good place to set up.


However, if you do not have everything you need, there are plenty of listings out there that allow you to rent out the space that includes everything you need for glamping. All you have to do is book your trip, pay, and show up to enjoy it! Seems easy, right?


In general, Texas is considered a great place for glamping. Thanks to all the extra accommodations, enjoying the outdoors while beating the heat seems ideal for those who want a comfortable camping experience.


So let’s talk about everything you’ll need to know about where to take your next glamping trip in Dallas, Texas.


Is there glamping around Dallas?

Dallas, Texas, is considered to be in the top 3 cities with the largest population in the state. With nearly 1.339 million people living in the city, it’s hard to understand how there are so many good glamping spots that surround it.


On the outskirts of Dallas, there are many glamping spots to consider when planning your next trip to the great outdoors!


Where can you glamp around Dallas?

Figuring out where you can glamp around Dallas depends on your style of glamping. Do you already have all your own supplies or accommodations? Or are you just looking to rent out what someone else has to offer?


Listed below, we’ve included three glamping rentals and three glamping sites around the area, leaving you with nothing but a choice to make!


Top 3 Glamping Rentals 

  1. Copper Can – Luxurious Secluded Private BnB Getaway $178 per night
  2. Mars Hill Farm – Tiny House Cottage $146 per night
  3. Stunning Waterfront Kabana 11 – $143 per night


Top 3 Glamping Sites 

  1. Pilot Knoll Park
  2. Hickory Creek Park
  3. Post Oak Place


 *(source: Airbnb, prices are subject to change over time)


How should you choose the location for glamping around Dallas?

When choosing a location for your next glamping trip around the Dallas area, it’s important to consider what kind of location you need. Do you need a rental, or do you just need a site to park in?


Are you looking for somewhere secluded or somewhere not too far from home? After deciding which kind of location you are looking for, it’s important to double-check and go over what the host can provide you other than just a place to sleep.


For example, are there any special or unique activities in the area like hiking or fishing?

Most hosts have created websites for their glamping sites, while most rentals can be found on booking sites like Airbnb.


These are found to be helpful when determining what else these locations have to offer you as well as calculating a rough budget for your stay, considering some site hosts will also require payment per night like many other campground sites.


Is the area around Dallas popular for glamping?

Let’s face it, there are so many different camping places around Dallas. It’s a heavily populated area, after all. However, which areas are the best? Which ones are the most popular and have impeccable reputations?


Listed below are our top 3 choices for the most popular areas around Dallas for glamping sites


  1. Dallas Northeast
  2. Traders Village RV Park
  3. Loyd Park Campground


What activities can you do while glamping around Dallas?

While glamping out in the beautiful outdoors, we can do so many different activities! Especially if we bring all that extra supplies and accommodations along with us that turn camping into the glamping experience.


So what happens when we get tired of our movies, hiking, fishing, and firepit songs?


Well, there are so many different activities around Dallas that might improve your glamping trip while staying outdoors. Listed below are some great options for some of those extra activities if you are willing to put your time and money into them!


  • Adventure Tours: 4-Seater RZR Rental in Irving by Barlon Martin ($750.00 per group)
  • Half-Day Guided Tour of North Texas Wineries and Vineyards by Vine & Wine Tours of North Texas ($179.00 per adult)
  • Adrenaline & Extreme Tours: Ascend Camp & Retreat Center


Are there any areas around Dallas you should avoid for glamping?

There is indeed a large area to avoid when glamping around the Dallas area, and that is anywhere within the concrete jungle. When taking your RV to a city park, you will lose all of that outdoor experience one looks for when wanting to escape to the wilderness.


When searching for places to go online, it’s always important to never ignore any reviews that the hosts of the location might have. It could be worth a headache and a half if you consider those reviews, whether they be good or bad.


Final thoughts on glamping around Dallas, Texas

There are indeed areas to go glamping around Dallas, Texas. Whether it be a site to park your RV for a few days or even an entire camper or cabin to rent out, you’ll be surprised as to what the outskirts of Dallas have to offer.


There are so many places to go glamping around Texas, and choosing a place that will offer what you need for your sweet escape is important. Dallas Northeast is one of the most popular places for glamping around the Dallas area.


However, if you find yourself looking for other activities outside of your home base, there’s an array of other options to choose from. From wine tastings to ziplining, you won’t be disappointed by what Dallas has to offer.


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