Can you Hike the Narrows in Chacos

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People hiking as a group on water stream - Can you Hike the Narrows in Chacos

The Narrows is a 15-mile hike located in Utah’s Zion National Park. Unlike your average hike, the Narrows contains a body of water that needs to be hiked through. 

In order to ensure a successful hike, not only will you need the right gear but, most importantly, the right shoes.

Chacos are open-toed shoes that have been designed for light hikes. Discuss whether these shoes will survive and protect your feet on this hike. 


Can you Hike the Narrows in Chacos?

Hiking the Narrows in Chacos is possible; however, it may not be for everyone. Depending on your foot type (sensitivity, condition, possible previous injuries), you may need to consider looking into shoes built for hikes like the Narrows.

Many individuals on the hike recommend looking into a waterproof shoe. Preferably a pair that is closed-toe yet still drains that river water from the shoe with every step. Listed below are some other good shoes for this hike.


  • The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack II
  • Palladium Boots Unisex Pampa Travel Lite Desert
  • Columbia Men’s Trailstorm Waterproof


What Should You Know Before You Hike the Narrows in Chacos?

While the Narrows is considered to be an intermediate-hard level hike, it’s possible to tackle it as a beginner/entry-level hiker. However, taking someone with you who is experienced is recommended, as it’s always advised never to go hiking alone.

The hike takes just over 6 hours to complete, so it’s crucial to pack the right gear. No permits are required to purchase for this hike, but dogs are not allowed on the trails. To get to the Narrows, you must also hike the Virgin River. 


Where Should You Hike the Narrows in Chacos?

While wearing Chacos to hike the Narrows is not recommended, it’s still possible. Many begin the hike from the top-down. If you are wearing Chacos, avoid any bodies of water you might come across if possible.

Some days result in lower water levels, and it’s always important to check these as well before hiking the Narrows to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation. 


Is hiking the Narrows in Chacos Good for Your Feet?

Wearing Chacos while hiking the Narrows is not suitable for your feet. Small rocks will likely get stuck between the sole of the shoe and your foot, making the hike consistently uncomfortable. 

Therefore, avoiding open-toed shoes when hiking the Narrows is best.

If you are someone who regularly walks barefoot on rocks, this might not be an issue for you. Many who walk barefoot on stones have a more muscular foot and are more tolerable to rocks.


When Is the Best Time to Hike the Narrows in Chacos?

While the summer and late fall are ideal for hiking the Narrows, it’s essential to be aware of all safety factors before the hike. See the list below.


  • Flash Floods: Always check the weather before hiking the Narrows; many hikers have been stuck, hurt, and killed due to a flash flood.
  • Cyanobacteria Toxins: Do not drink water from the Narrows; the area has no water filtration system. Bring your fresh water to reduce the risk of exposure.


Final thoughts on hiking the Narrows in Chacos

While you can hike the Narrows in Chacos, it’s not recommended. These shoes were made for lighter hikes, while this trail is considered intermediate-hard. It’s essential to know the weather conditions before you go, as well as no dogs being allowed on the trail.

Begin the hike top-down for the best experience. Although wearing Chacos for hiking the Narrows is not suitable for your feet, finding a waterproof hiking shoe is recommended to drain any excess water. 

The best time to tackle this hike is during the summer into the late autumn.


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