What is a Platform Campsite?

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Group of people in front of a camping tent - What is a Platform Campsite?

Some of us may be camping experts, and some of us are still trying to figure out how to pitch a tent, and that’s okay.

So what happens if you enjoy camping and being outdoors but don’t like to sleep on the ground? Is there some magical way to pitch your tent in the air to avoid sleeping on the ground?

Yes, but it’s not magical. Platform campsites are platforms that are built for you to pitch your tent on to avoid the cold, wet ground, as well as to avoid getting your tent dirty.

So what is the point of it? How many people can fit on the platform? So many questions! Let’s jump right into it!


What is the Point of the Platform?

The point of a platform campground is to act as a place to pitch your tent. These platforms are often found on uneven ground, allowing someone to pitch their tent on the level platform.

They can usually be made from sturdy wood and are found off trails in particular forests or other recreational areas.

Aside from having a level, safe place to pitch your tent, they also act as a way to keep your tent clean and dry from the climates of the area. If it’s rainy, you don’t have to pitch your tent in the mud – find a platform campsite near you!


How Many People Can Fit on the Platform?

To configure how many people you can fit on a platform campsite, you first must determine how many people the tent you will be pitching can sleep.

Usually, the platform can withstand the weight of the people who are occupying the tent. However, sometimes, this is not the case.

On average, a platform campsite can hold anywhere between 4 to 6 people. Of course, this can vary depending on how large the campsite is, but it is usually accurate for most platform campsites. So how can you make sure you secure your tent on the platform campsite?


How Do You Secure a Tent on a Platform?

After setting up the tent, you might realize that you are going to have a hard time securing the ropes to the steaks that are supposed to be placed into the ground. Usually, all platform campsites have loops secured into the sides of the platform as a way to secure your ropes.

Tents located on these platforms have many different names that are used. See the list of names below, and ensure you are purchasing the right tent for the platform you plan on using during your next outdoor adventure.


  • Canvas platform tent
  • Deck tent
  • Off-ground tent


What are the Cons of the Platform?

Many will argue that these platform campsites are completely unnecessary, and they have valid reasons. Why waste wood to create something that’s overall useless?

Ideally, these are created to keep your tent off the wet ground, right? Well, doesn’t the platform get wet when it rains? Yes.

Others will argue about the overall safety of these platforms. For example, some platforms are not built to secure a tent, and what if it’s not secured correctly and it gets too windy out?

Will you fly away in your tent? Also, the best kind of camping is the good old camping – in a tent on the ground or under the stars.


Final Thoughts on Platform Campsites

Platform campsites are becoming more normal and regular over time, and they are built to keep your tent on level ground and protect it from experiencing the harsh elements of the weather.

Usually, platforms can sleep 4 to 6 people on average, but this can vary depending on multiple factors.

Platform tents usually have loops secured in the platform’s wood, used to help pitch your tent. Sometimes, securing your tent to the platform could be ineffective or dangerous, depending on the blueprint of the platform you are using.