What Can You Do at Black Hills National Park?

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Black Hills National Park - What Can You Do here?

What can’t you do at Black Hills National Park? Firstly, some information about Black Hills National Park/Forest. Nestled between western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming, Black Hills has 1.2 million acres of diverse landscapes.

If you are into mountain biking, there are hundreds of miles of trails, with about the same amount of trailheads. Interested in camping? They have cabin rentals, campground camping, dispersed camping, group camping, and RV camping.

How about learning? There are interpretive areas, visitor centers, and visitor programs. The list goes on, hunting, fishing, climbing, horse riding and camping, and so much more.


What Should You Visit?

There are many well-known tourist destinations in the Black hills. I will classify those as “go if you want to” visits. However, Wall Drug is one place you must see, visit, and take in in all its glory.

Now, you may have a long travel day depending on where you are staying in the park. Eighty-two miles from Hill City, Wall Drug is a tourist must-see. You’ll be drawn in by the free ice water and stay for the food and the giant jackalope!

This next option will be perfect for our more architecturally inclined guests. Chapel in the Hill is free to visit and boasts an amazingly intricate replica of the famous Norwegian Stave Church design and structure.

Lastly, you should visit the forest itself. Sincerely, the Black Hills area is beautiful and wild and vast.


Monuments You Must See

There are two very well-known monuments that many people flock to due to their historical significance. Both can be visited for between $10 to $30 for parking. As these monuments are must-sees for most travelers, be prepared for many people and possible long waits.

The Jewel Cave National Monument draws you in with the promise of extensive caves to explore. They keep you around with the sliver of hope that a crystal will be gifted to you and you will be able to keep it forever and always.

The Devil’s Tower National Monument derives its name from a natural plateau that juts from the Earth like a tower from the depths. Owning the title of the first established National Monument, the Devil’s tower is a monument you must see.


Can You Go Horseback Riding?

We talked a little about it earlier but not only can you go horseback riding but you can go horse camping also! If you have your own horse, there are over 20 trailheads at which you can embark on your equestrian adventures.

However, there are rental options if you don’t have the time, energy, and money to care for your own horse. You can reserve trail rides at many different farms. Choose your farm based on the terrain in which you feel like riding, and you’ll have a blast.

Black Hills National Forest has three horse camps. Sundance Horse Camp offers vast grassy valleys; pine forests surround Iron Creek Horse Camp; Willow Creek Horse Camp is nestled in the Norbeck Wildlife Preserve.


Can You Go Canoeing in Black Hills National Park?

Black Hills National Park has a plethora of water access for canoeing. You will find lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and creeks. Some bodies of water are just large enough to be considered swimming holes, and you might not have much room for canoeing in these.

You can choose from class 5 rapids to a nice relaxing day on the lake. Two of the marinas in the park offer canoe, kayak, and SUP rentals. Not every body of water has canoe rentals, so BYOC (bring your own canoe).

You can’t beat the view of the landscape from the vantage point in the middle of a lake or meandering down a creek as the trees wave hello. Canoeing sounds like a must-do event in the Black Hill National Forest.


Final Thoughts on What Can You Do at Black Hills National Park

As a final thought, keep in mind that this land doesn’t belong to you. So be respectful and leave no trace of yourself when you visit. The Black Hills’ landscape and natural wild beauty are stunning and truly a sight to behold.