How Much Does It Cost To Stay At River Ranch?

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A bedroom - How Much Does It Cost To Stay At River Ranch?

The Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo is a remote Old Florida dude ranch with loads to offer. Glamping Tents, RV Campsites, Luxe Teepees, and brand-new Conestoga Wagons await on some of Florida’s remaining undeveloped territory along the Kissimmee River. 

The price to stay at Westgate River Ranch is relatively reasonable during the off-season and on weekdays. Included in the cost is a step back in history. 

You’d be staying where the earliest American cowboys roamed in the state of Florida, despite the misconception that they were only found in the West. 

You’ll get the chance to relive the beginning of the American cowboy heritage in Florida at Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo while enjoying a luxurious glamping experience. 


What is the Average Price Per Night?

As mentioned above, prices can vary. On average, staying in the River Ranch lodge is about $180 a night. Cabins and cottages can run around $287. Interested in glamping? Well, Westgate River Ranch offers that as well. 

Luxury glamping experiences an average of $307. Keep in mind that all kinds of activities are available at the resort. You’ll want to factor in any additional activities you may want to participate in during your stay. 

The resort offers live Nashville music every Saturday night. There is a rodeo, and there is even a trap and skeet range, amongst others. 

Looking for a more immersive experience? They have that too! Westgate offers horseback rides, swamp buggy rides, a petting farm, and more! So consider any of those activities when you are budgeting out your trip.  


When is the Price the Cheapest?

In general, the lowest prices are going to be found during weekdays. Getting into Friday, Saturday and Sunday the prices can rise slightly. The slower season for Westgate River Ranch is September through November. 

Temperatures are cooler but can still reach up to 90°F. The humidity is more manageable, but then it does rain more during this time. Also, December through January are comparable in affordability. 

This will be an affordable and pleasant option if you are comfortable in the cooler weather. Lastly, these months will be less densely populated with fellow tourists.  


When is the Cost Highest?

We’ve covered September through February, being the most cost-conscious option. In contrast, March through August are going to be more harmful to the pocketbook. 

June through August is a strong second option for the highest cost to stay at Westgate River Ranch. The temperatures can be pretty warm, and it would be the rainiest season. However, this doesn’t stop travelers from enjoying all the ranch has to offer. 

March through May is coming up on top for the highest-cost months to stay at Westgate River Ranch. The weather is much more pleasurable. The temperatures aren’t too extremely high, and while it does rain, it doesn’t rain as consistently as it would in other months. 

All in all, the highest cost to stay at the ranch is going to be from March through May. You’ll also have many more activities to choose from during the busy season. 


Are there any Discounts?

Westgate River Ranch offers a surprising amount of discounts. Straight off the bat, you can receive a discount on your stay if you are a WOW (World of Westgate) Member, and the cherry on top is a WOW Membership is free. 

But don’t feel like becoming a WOW member; you still have options. Florida and Georgia residents not only receive a discount with proof of residency, but they also get a free trip to the petting farm! 

AAA memberships also get you a discount and a free petting farm visit. Seniors, 50+, save 10%. No petting farm trip, though. 

Last but definitely not least, the military and government, including teachers and first responders, receive 10% off with proof of employment. So, an astounding yes, Westgate River Resort offers all kinds of discounts. 


For How Long Should You Stay? 

Stay forever, never leave, take up residence and start working there. Fill in where help is needed. Experience all of the events and all of the activities at least once, maybe even twice. 

Maybe that is a bit extreme, but more seriously, a stay at Westgate River Ranch is an immersive experience in one of the last great wide-open wildernesses in Florida. 

Stay at least a weekend when you have more fellow visitors, and maybe stretch out your trip into the week to experience a more personal interaction with the Ranch.


Final Thoughts on the Costs of Staying at River Ranch

Truly, it seems that the Westgate River Ranch has something for everyone. The accommodations range from tent and RV sites to covered wagon glamping experiences to luxury resort-style stays. 

Do you like music, adventure, and the wide outdoors? Westgate River Ranch Resort has just about everything you could be looking for.