How Long Does Four Miles Take to Hike?

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A group of people hiking - How Long Does Four Miles Take to Hike?

The cool thing about hiking is there are no time limits, for the most part. So if you are new to hiking, hello, welcome we are so happy to have you!


How Long Does Four Miles Take to Hike?

On average, it could take an hour to hike two miles. Therefore four miles may take around two hours. However, some of us like to stop and smell the roses, so a four-mile hike could take up to five hours.

Also, the terrain could change how long a hike takes. As long as you are safe and people know your hiking plans, you can go as fast or slow as you want.


How Much Water Should You Bring?

The rule of thumb for how much water you should bring on a hike is ½ liter or 2 cups of water per hour of hiking. For children, it’s about the same for children 1-2 cups of water every hour. We are solid subscribers of “I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.”

Always bring extra water, just in case the hike takes longer. The pluses are that you’ll know you have enough water, and the extra weight will make the hike a little more of a workout. You can live without food for about three weeks but only 3-4 days without water.


Do You Need to Work Out Before a Four-Mile Hike?

You don’t necessarily have to work out the day of your hike if you don’t want to. Maybe just call the hike your workout. However, if this will be your first time ever hiking, we would suggest working up to going that long.

If you aren’t used to walking for four miles, we would most definitely say start there. Get yourself to a point where walking four miles is no big deal, then take your walk to the hiking trails.

You will want to ensure you don’t get overly exhausted in the middle of your hike. Conditioning yourself will ensure that not only strength-wise will you be good to go, but your feet will be ready, and hopefully, your hiking boots will be sufficiently broken in.

Slow and steady will win this race.


Do You Need to Bring Food With You?

Yes. Do we need to elaborate? We probably should. There are two reasons we always say yes to bringing food on a hike. First, we all love food. Who doesn’t want a Snickers in the middle of a hike? Trail mix on the trail.

Count us in! Having a little bite in the middle of a hike might just add an energy boost to help you finish strong. Secondly, anything can happen on the trail. If you do end up in an emergency situation, you will have sustenance that may help you keep your wits about you.

Just as you would want extra water, you would want to bring some sort of food with you. Always carry out any wrappers or trash related to that food.


Tips For Faster Hiking

The best tip for faster hiking is to begin way before the actual hike. As we talked about earlier, prep work is important. You can train for hiking before the actual hike by again ensuring you can securely walk the distance.

If you want to take it a step further, you can hit the treadmill at an incline to build up your stamina. Getting to a point in your training where the training is more strenuous than the actual hike will make the hike seem like a breeze.

Make sure your shoes are ready for the hike too. Break them in sufficiently, and you will minimize the possibility of blisters or sore feet slowing you down.


Other Things You Should Have With You

We think that for every experienced hiker you ask, you will get a different answer to must-haves. First of all, we recommend a walking stick. That could be trekking poles or a sturdy wooden walking stick that won’t snap when it’s under some pressure.

It wouldn’t hurt to bring a small first aid kit to take care of any bumps or bruises. Of course, you will have your phone with you, but also a whistle could help get attention if you need help from other hikers.

Sunscreen, bug spray, and a hat. Some people bring a small towel to wipe away the buckets of sweat they produce when hiking.

Lastly, we highly suggest bear spray or wasp spray. You can’t always bring certain types of self-defense tools. However, no one should make a fuss if you plan to protect against the bears.


Final Thoughts on How Long Does Four Miles Take to Hike?

A hike is defined as a long walk, for the most part, in the country or wilderness. Please note “for the most part.” Can’t get to the woods? Hike around your neighborhood, hike around a local park.

Hiking can happen anywhere and is for everyone. For some reason, there are some hikers that think if you don’t have the best newest equipment or have hiked certain trails, then you aren’t a true hiker.

But they are wrong, flat out. If you go for a long walk, especially in the country or wilderness, then you are a hiker and belong on any trail you can safely complete. So get out there and get moving. The fresh air is amazing! Happy Hiking!