Do Wisconsin State Parks Have Cabins?

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A small living room - Do Wisconsin State Parks Have Cabins?

The Wisconsin State Park System is a network of parks located throughout the state that provide opportunities for outdoor recreation, education about the environment, and conservation of natural resources.

There are around 20 million people that visit state parks, forests, trails, and other recreational sites each year. But for those who may suffer from a disability, there are cabins available.


How Many Cabins Are There?

Ten cabins within the Wisconsin State Park System are accessible to tourists. There are a total of 2 small basic cabins and eight larger deluxe cabins available for guests to choose from.

These cabins are reserved exclusively for people living with impairments and their guests, and those without disabilities are not authorized to stay there.


What Wisconsin State Parks have Yurts?

The ancient nomads of central Asia highly valued yurts because of their versatility as temporary dwellings. These days, those interested in the “small home” trend can choose from a variety of attractive models.


Wagon Trail Campground

Due to its convenient location and wide range of services, Wagon Trail is a top pick among Wisconsin campgrounds that provide yurts. In addition, wagon Trail has nice facilities, including bathrooms and showers, for those who prefer “glamping.”

Hiking trails, a wildlife conservancy, resorts, bakeries, bars, and more are all within a short distance of the campsite. And once you’re inside the yurt, make use of all the comforts it offers.


S’Mores Campground

S’Mores Campground’s yurts provide all the conveniences (including air conditioning) necessary for a pleasant yurt stay. In addition, your 16-foot-diameter home comes complete with an outside kitchen and lounge area.


Merry Mac’s Campground

A lot of great facilities can be found at Merry Mac’s, making it one of the best places to go yurt camping in Wisconsin.

All the essentials for a pleasant stay in a yurt are provided, including a convenience store, washing facilities, a game room, WiFi, several enormous playgrounds, and a dunk tank.


Baraboo Hills Campground

Baraboo Hills Campground, located in the Lake Wisconsin area, presents itself as “your home away from home.”

Certainly, staying in a warm and inviting yurt in Baraboo facilitates this. In addition, various conveniences such as twin bunk beds, futons, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, tables, and chairs can be found in each yurt.


How far in Advance Can you book a Cabin There?

All campers are required to make bookings, which can be made as early as the day before their arrival or as far in advance as 11 months. Make a reservation at the campground before you set up.


What is the Average Price for it?

Stickers for Wisconsin residents are $28. For Wisconsin seniors, they are $13, and for visitors from outside the state, they are $38. Prices for daily stickers at state parks vary from $8 to $20. There is a $7.95 reservation fee in addition to the nightly cabin rate.


When is the Best Time to Book it?

It is necessary to reserve all wheelchair-accessible cabins in Wisconsin’s state parks. Each application can only be approved for a single requested reservation time.

Due to popularity, we cannot accept reservations for more than four nights at a time or a total of four nights each year.

The best time to book a cabin is a couple of months before your planned trip. Due to high demand, the earlier you book, the more likely there will be availability.


Final Thoughts on Do Wisconsin State Parks Have Cabins

Wisconsin state parks do have cabins. However, they are reserved for those who have disabilities and come at an extra cost. There are two small basic cabins available, as well as eight larger, more deluxe cabins.

Due to the high demand for accessible cabins, the earlier you make your reservation, the better. So, reserve your cabin early to avoid disappointment.

For those wanting to experience camping in yurts, there are four locations in Wisconsin state parks where you can stay in a yurt. All locations have conveniences, necessary amenities, and plenty of fun things to do.