Can You Wear Tennis Shoes To Hike The Narrows?

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Man in black jacket with a trekking poke in his hand - Can You Wear Tennis Shoes To Hike The Narrows?

Although you wouldn’t think about wearing tennis shoes on a hike, some people have actually tried them. Some say they were comfortable wearing old tennis shoes, some even claiming they hiked for three hours without any problems.


Do You Need Water Shoes to Hike The Narrows?

Wearing shoes that let water out quickly is a good idea to avoid carrying extra weight when crossing rivers.

The addition of neoprene socks to your footwear selection will significantly improve your walking comfort. Wet normal socks will rub painfully against your skin when hiking, leading to blisters and discomfort.


What Kind of Shoes is the Best?

Boots or hiking shoes that cover the entire foot and have good ankle support are recommended for this hike. It’s not simple to hike in the river without getting wet, rolling an ankle, or smashing a toe.

Also, if you wear sandals or other open-toed shoes, your toes will be at risk of being crushed as you slide your feet across the rocks.


Do You Need More Pairs of Shoes for the Narrows?

If you have the correct shoes already, you shouldn’t need another pair. However, if you are wearing an old pair of sneakers or shoes that aren’t waterproof, then it is best to take another pair when they get wet.

No one likes walking around in wet shoes, and the extra weight of the water will slow you down as well as make you uncomfortable.


What Should You Pay Attention to?

When preparing for a vacation, it’s important to keep an eye on the forecast. Anyone caught in the Narrows during a rainstorm runs the risk of drowning.

Keeping an eye on the weather is essential, but the Zion National Park Rangers will block the trail if flash flood warnings are issued.


Type of Shoes You Need to Avoid for the Narrows

There are rental shoes available at the Narrows. While they are well-intentioned, they just aren’t worth the hefty price.

Even hikers with little experience can hike the Narrows without renting them. Simply buy your own hiking shoes at a lower cost before you head out on your trip.

Sandals, anything with open-toe is a big no-no at the Narrows. The open-toe sandals put you at risk of cutting yourself on the rocks or stubbing your toe.

Anything that isn’t waterproof would also be completely useless for the Narrows. There is going to be a lot of water. So obviously you will need waterproof shoes.


Final Thoughts on Can You Wear Tennis Shoes To Hike The Narrows

While some people have tried hiking the Narrows in old tennis shoes with no problems, it may not be the best option. There are worse shoes you could wear, like sandals, for example. But Tennis shoes might not be great either.

There are shoes available for rental at the Narrows, but they are overpriced and just as good as those you can buy online or in a store. So it is better to save the money and just go buy them before your trip to the Narrows.

No matter what, make sure your shoes are waterproof and designed for trekking in water. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, and there is no avoiding the water at the Narrows.

Always pay attention to the weather forecast when planning a trip to the Narrows. During a rainstorm, the Narrows are known to flood and become a drowning hazard.

Overall, if you’re planning to hike the Narrows, make sure to wear the right shoes for it.