Can you swim in the Quarry Pond in Deception Pass?

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Deception Pass - Can you swim in the Quarry Pond in this place?

Deception Pass State Park is located in the state of Washington and is known for being the state’s most visited state park! 

There are plenty of recreational activities, including biking, hiking, and even horse trails. As well as water activities such as boating, kayaking, fishing, and even swimming!

Next to Quarry Pond Campground, you’ll find Cranberry Lake, where you can go fulfill all your outdoor water recreational activity desires by the end of your trip. 

Where else can you swim in Deception Pass? How deep is the water? Where are the best swimming spots and the best time of the year to visit?


Where Can You Swim in Deception Pass?

At the Deception Pass State Park, you can swim in a few separate bodies of water located in the vicinity. One of them is Cranberry Lake, which can be found nearby the Cranberry Lake Campground as well as Quarry Pond Campground.

The larger bodies of water you can explore are Skagit Bay, Puget Sound, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The array of waters Deception Pass has made up for not being able to swim in the small Quarry Pond near the Quarry Pond Campgrounds.


How Deep is the Water?

With multiple bodies of water throughout Deception Pass, they all have different depths. Listed below are the deepest depths of the surrounding bodies of water within Deception Pass.

Cranberry Lake 30+ ft

Skagit Bay 8+ ft

Puget Sound 450+ ft

Strait of Juan de Fuca 500-600 ft


What is the Best Spot to Swim at?

Cranberry Lake is the best and most advertised spot specifically for swimming in Deception Pass. However, the rest of the waters are ideal for more intense outdoor water recreational activities. There are also vendors at the park that give different water tours.

For example, Deception Pass water tours offer you a unique experience of the wildlife that calls the pass home. Including bald eagles, seals, and maybe even whales if you get lucky! There are also Anacortes Kayak tours that are open from the spring to autumn.


When is the Best Time of the Year to Visit?

The best time to visit Deception Pass in the state of Washington is no other than summer! Everyone gets out of school and off work on vacations to visit this state park. 

It’s the perfect summer getaway not only for relaxation provided by nature but also perfect for those who have curious minds!

During the summer, the park opens at 6:30 am. Early enough to get a good parking spot or even find a good place to spend the day lounging around Cranberry Lake. During the winter season, you’ll find that the park will open to the public around 8 am.


When is Deception Pass Closed?

Deception Pass is likely to close for the winter when the weather is becoming increasingly intolerable. Washington State can see some intense weather during the winter season, which leaves roads covered in snow.

As of August 24th, 2022, Pass Lake is under emergency closure until further notice due to toxic levels of algae. 

With this being said, it’s important to keep yourself and your pets out of the water until the emergency closure has been lifted in order to keep you and your pets safe.


Final Thoughts on Swimming Deception Pass

While Deception Pass has plenty of great bodies of water to swim in, Quarry Pond, located next to Quarry Pond Campground, is not one of them and remains off-limits. However, other bodies of water in Deception Pass are ideal for swimming, specifically Cranberry Lake.

The different bodies of water located around Deception Pass are all different in-depth. The Strait of Juan de Fuca, specifically, is known to have the most profound depth in the area. 

Therefore, the best time of year to visit the area would be in the summer, for the area is likely to be closed in the winter seasons.