Can You Swim In Hot Springs National Park?

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Hot Springs in National Park - Can you swim in it?

Hot Springs National Park, sometimes known as “The American Spa,” contains 47 hot springs.

The average temperature of the water in these springs is a comfortable 143 degrees Fahrenheit, and many of them are conveniently located along the park’s primary scenic drive, West Mountain Drive.

Since the middle of the 19th century, bathhouses have provided visitors to Hot Springs, Arkansas, with a means to enjoy the city’s namesake spring water. Hot Springs National Park maintains this custom to this day.

Buckstaff Baths, located in the park, has been welcoming visitors to its hot spring water for almost a century. But, if you’d rather relax in style, the Quapaw Bathhouse has both indoor and outdoor spring water pools perfect for a spa day.


Are There Free Hot Springs in Hot Springs, AR?

Hot Springs National Park is one of the few that does not charge entrance fees. However, you can only soak in the springs in the Buckstaff and Quapaw bathhouses, which you will have to pay to visit.

The natural hot springs have unsafe temperatures, so it is not advised to take a dip in them.


Can you sit in Hot Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas?

Even while there aren’t any natural hot springs that are safe to soak in, Bathhouse Row does feature two indoor options where you may unwind in the thermal water.

Both of these bathhouses get their water supply straight from the thermal springs, so patrons can enjoy the water as nature intended.


Where are the natural Hot Springs in Hot Springs?

The abundant hot springs in the region are the inspiration for the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

A pool of water enclosed by bricks steams in the cool of a fall afternoon in the heart of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Across from the historic Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa and sheltered by the towering cliffs of Hot Springs Mountain in the Ouachita Mountains, this natural pool of water seems both calming and welcoming.

Unfortunately, first impressions aren’t always accurate. This boiling pond is a thousand years in the making, and the water temperature averages 143 degrees Fahrenheit as it seeps down the mountains and collects all their minerals.

This Arlington Lawn spring is one of the few that can be seen from the park’s main road.

It’s one of only a handful of publicly accessible hot springs in a town called for the 47 that seep out of the mountains, and it flows down a steep slope from a hill near Grand Promenade into two pools.


How Long Can You Soak in a Hot Spring?

The naturally high temperatures of the hot springs make them unsafe to soak in. Even if you were able to withstand the hot water, dehydration, fainting, and burns are all possible outcomes of prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

However, 10-15 minute soaks are the common recommendation when using natural hot springs. You will need to take breaks in between to allow your body to return to a normal temperature.


Should you Shower after Hot Springs?

Take a shower first to facilitate the body’s natural cleansing processes and transfer beneficial minerals.

This ensures that the pools are always clean and devoid of any traces of chemicals or body care products. Most people find it helpful to forego a shower following a soak, keeping the minerals on the skin longer.


Final Thoughts on Can You Swim In The Hot Springs In Hot Springs National Park

The natural hot springs temperatures are far too high for anyone to sit and take a soak in. Anyone visiting the park and wanting to soak in some natural spring water will need to go to one of the bathhouses.

The park itself is free to visit, but there will be a fee to use the bathhouses. Make sure to shower before using the springs, but most people choose not to shower afterward so as not to lose the benefits of the mineral to the skin.

You cannot swim in the hot springs as the temperatures are far too hot in the natural springs and the bathhouses are for relaxing soaks.