Can You Camp Anywhere In Pinnacles National Park?

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Light from inside a tent at night - Can You Camp Anywhere In Pinnacles National Park?

This national park, Pinnacles, is a hidden treasure. Pinnacles is a hidden gem in the middle of California, boasting a wide range of breathtaking landscapes and rock formations.

Pinnacles are one of the newest National Parks in the United States, yet the spires, caves, and canyons that make it so special and distinctive date back millions of years to the time when multiple volcanoes built them.

Those with a love of camping may be attracted to this beautiful park for some time out in nature. This article will give some information about camping in Pinnacles National Park.


How do you Camp at the Pinnacles?

There is good news and bad news for campers interested in staying within Pinnacles National Park. Unfortunate news: the park prohibits wild and dispersed camping.

Fortunately, the answer is yes! Campers can still have a pleasant time in the beautiful and convenient Pinnacles Campground, and there are a few good options for those who want more secluded, dispersed camping in the vicinity.

Pinnacles Campground is a multi-use campground that can be found east of the park’s visitor center and features a variety of camping facilities.

There are RV sites with electrical hookups, glamping cabins, group sites for up to 20 people, and various tent pitches (many with decent shade, six people.

Close to Pinnacles National Park, there are a few great places to set up a tent without hookups. Only a half-hour drive will take you to the park’s East gate from the Laguna Mountain BLM area.

An hour’s journey takes you from the East entrance of Pinnacles National Park to the Condon Peak BLM region. These campsites are a little out of the way compared to others in the region, but they beat the price and lack of privacy of the more popular RV parks.


Do You Need a Permit?

Activities that benefit an individual, group, or organization but not the general public typically require a special use permit.

In order to safeguard park resources, public interest, and visitors’ experiences, the National Park Service must regulate these activities to varying degrees.

Events, including marriages, ceremonies, First Amendment activities, spreading cremation ashes, festivals, concerts, cultural programs, athletic and spectator attractions, and so on, all require special use licenses.


Locations Inside of the Park where You Can Camp

As mentioned previously, campers cannot camp anywhere within the park. However, Pinnacles campground does offer great camping options.

Since there are no roads that lead from one entrance of the Pinnacles to the other, the campground may only be reached from the east side of the Park.

The campsite offers tent and group camping, along with RV sites. Each tent and group site has a picnic table and fire ring.

Most of the campsites for RVs have access to electricity and provide shared amenities like picnic tables and grills. All campsites have access to clean drinking water.

Many campgrounds benefit from oak trees for shade. You may also use the showers for coins, and there’s a garbage station.


What are the Campground Rules You Need to Know?

The campsite permits pets in the campground, paved roads, and parking areas. Bringing your pet along on the trails is not permitted.

A six-foot leash is required to physically restrain your pet. In no circumstances may your pet be left tied to a stationary object or unsupervised while you go about your day.

It is important to be aware of when campfires are prohibited due to high fire danger and when they are allowed by checking the Current Conditions page for Pinnacles. In addition, pinnacles National Park is a no-firewood zone.

Help ensure the safety of tourists and the welfare of wild creatures. At Pinnacles, please refrain from feeding the local wildlife.


How much does it cost to camp at Pinnacles National Park?

  • $35 for a standard tent
  • $45 for an RV with electricity
  • $75-$110 for group camping
  • $119 for a glamping cabin


Final Thoughts on Can You Camp Anywhere In Pinnacles National Park

So, you are unable to camp wherever you want within the Pinnacles National Park. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the experience of nature any less.

Pinnacle Campground is a great option for your set-up during your trip at reasonable prices, and you get access to all amenities while you stay. However, there are some campsites a short distance away if you prefer.